Here We Go President Trump Is Now Getting His Intel About The Nations Deep Secrets

With every transition between presidency, there comes a point at which the nation’s top secrets are revealed to the President-elect. These secrets contain intelligence reports and how they are obtained, the nation’s clandestine involvement in governments around the globe, and perhaps the largest secret of them all the launch codes that would send the world into a nuclear war. 


Historically, the soon to be presidents learn of these secrets in the months leading up to their inauguration. The intelligence committees and military leaders take time to explain our nation’s involvement in world affairs and the president’s role and power therein. President Obama was reported to have been taken aback by the weight of the information he was made privy to and the serious responsibilities involved.

The gathering of intelligence abroad and domestically has been common knowledge to any informed citizen but what people think they know only scratches the surface of what intricate communication networks are at work around the globe. The president is made aware of the complex system of cyber surveillance as well as ground information gathering that the country is taking part in worldwide. The president will also be given the names of CIA operatives in other countries if he chooses. While most presidents in the past have chosen to not know that information, he needs only to ask and the information will be made available.

Another soon to be known secret for President-elect Trump will be the nation’s involvement in other countries affairs and governments. While many suspect that our country has secret ties to many of the events that shake other nations’ governments into complete reformation, Trump will soon know how those events occur and how much of it is due to America’s involvement and manipulation.

Not only is the president made aware of current covert operations around the world, he can order additional investigations or actions. However, to do so he must make a group of representative leaders and intelligence agency officials aware of his intentions.

Domestic terrorism prevention is a major concern for all citizens of the US and the president must know what information is being gathered and reported about attack probabilities. After 9/11, the FBI was given more liberty to gather information that could be used to stop terrorist attacks and about those who may be involved in their planning. The president will be made aware of their findings and take necessary actions to prevent deaths on US soil.

It is common knowledge that the President of the United States is in possession of launch codes that could send nuclear attacks on our enemies. What may not be known is that not only does the briefcase that holds the codes contain that information but also several launch options that the president must be ready to choose from and enact with only minutes to contemplate. Choosing what targets to go after and what regions to spare carries the potential to spare or condemn millions of people in countries that may threaten the US.

The awesome responsibility of the President of the United States reaches far beyond American borders. Everyday he must make decisions that affect the entire world. Any person who assumes the office of the presidency must have the courage and confidence needed to carry those burdens on their shoulders. President-elect Trump’s eyes are soon to be opened to a world in which he will have great power but also unimaginable responsibility.

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