Headed mythical planet Nibiru really on Earth?

In ancient Sumerian texts, it contained text that our creators from as yet undiscovered planet that enters our solar system every 3,600 years. The text states that these creatures are known as Nephilim (Anunnaki), and that colonized the earth from more than 400,000 years ago. Bible about this race also reportedly mentions and called her “sons of God”.


Planet Nibiru suffered because its atmosphere eroded, so these creatures came to planet earth for the purpose of extraction of minerals (gold), which helps in restoring the atmosphere.
It happened in the Middle East, so we find the Great Pyramid, and adjacent pyramids in the constellation of our solar system. These beings have created on earth portals (highly magnetic surface) to send their mined minerals back to the planet Nibiru.
Our race formed about 300,000 years ago as a hybrid race crossbreeding of native terrestrial animals and Nephilim race to create “workers” in order to extract minerals from our planet.


Alien leaders of this intersection did not like and decided to nevarovat humanity from impending doom Nibiru 13000 BC., Which eventually caused the great flood here on Earth.
However, one of the Anunnaki took matters into his own hands and Noah informed about the impending doom that helped our race from extinction. At that time, the Anunnaki promised to return for the time and left people alone to rule the planet.


Return of Nibiru

In 212 12th planet Nibiru, physically he entered our solar system and began to affect the orbit of the planets in our system, changing their axes and poles during his trip.
The planet is closer to the Earth so much that affected our oceans for several years and led to the devastating tsunami, the awakening of volcanoes around the world and finally to influence the climate and the Earth’s axis, which moves slowly, thereby changing its physical position and magnetic poles. At the end of 2012 Nibiru reached the solar equatorial plane and proved quite visible. It acquired many photos and videos.
However, nobody in the mainstream media did not address this phenomenon. Why is this so?


The short answer is because NASA. NASA decided to contest the actual orbit and return of Nibiru in our solar system. The US government agency NASA called it necessary to deny the existence of Nibiru that this information does not cause panic throughout the world.
NASA then prepared very well prepared simulation that projected orbit of the planet Nibiru. Then transformed into a simulation on video and released it on the internet. Simulation shows using computers not just NASA Nibiru shift its orbit, but the orbits of all the planets of the solar system.


This video NASA still exists:

Objective video is clear for all scientists, confuse everyone with a fake orbit Nibiru. This has been achieved by everyone thought that there was nothing that could have adverse effects for us on Earth.


True orbit Nibiru

Nibiru, by all definitions, concepts and research scientists in this area is red or brown star, which together brings seven planets orbiting around it. Therefore, it is a mini solar system. Nibiru is 5 times closer than Jupiter is 6,500 times bigger than the Earth!


True Nibiru’s orbit every 3,600 years around our sun.

Due to its gigantic size, the planet has a strong gravity and affects the oceans and all magnetic fields. In 2011, when Nibiru approached the Sun, started violent “campaign” in the core of the sun. The core of the sun is only 65 times greater than Nibiru. This means that solar activity in relation to the explosions and solar storms has increased so much that in 2011začal so. “Maximo Solar” and did not stop until this day.


Keep in mind that the sun also affected Nibiru!

Because of the magnetic and gravitational intensity Nibiru influenced sun so that the solar initiate reversal of the magnetic poles. The same turn also happens here on earth.


This mutual attraction between the Sun and Nibiru caused an increase in the velocity of the planet. In essence, the planet was ejected from the sun. This process is known as “Slingshot effect” and was used by NASA to throw the Galileo spacecraft toward Jupiter. The probe flew twice zemsné orbit after orbit of Venus. With the significantly increased speed was eventually redirected towards Jupiter.


The gravitational pull of accelerated so that the outline of the orbit of the sun will be much longer, but faster than simulation misleading NASA. Based on this premise, our estimate is that Nibiru around us will pass in 2018.


When she returned, Nibiru will arrive from the north pole of the Sun and Earth, and therefore will be seen in the northern hemisphere.






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