Journed To Agartha, An Underground Kingdom (Video)

The explorer Ferdynand Ossendowski wrote a book in 1922 titled Beasts, Men and Gods. In the book, Ossendowski tells of a story which was imparted to him concerning a subterranean kingdom which exists inside the earth. This kingdom was known to the Buddhists as Agharti.
While once a popular concept, in the last century little serious attention has been paid to these conjectures (with the possibly apocryphal exception of Adolf Hitler), and the theory is not supported by modern science.
The myth of “Agartha” is also known as “Shambhala”, as it was known in India, the underworld realm peopled by initiates and lead by ‘the Masters”, Masters who are the Spiritual leaders of humanity.
An underground kingdom, or rather another complete world beneath the Earth, over which reigns the King of the World.
 An anti-hell where an anti-Satan makes his subjects perfectly happy and enjoying a long lasting due to Vril energy. Let’s see the matter a little closer…

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