Past Lives Reincarnation- The True Story of The Children Who Have Lived Before

Nell Rose 


Nell has been interested in Reincarnation for many years, and recently joined the Signs of Reincarnation study group for further learning.

The Case For Reincarnation.

Children have always had a vivid imagination. But how can we tell if our children are telling stories or if they really are the reincarnation of someone who has gone before us? There are many cases stating that children are in fact recalling their Past Lives or Reincarnation.

Many people will dismiss this idea, but sometimes the facts are staring you in the face. What if the child reports a particular incident that can be checked? For example, by history books, war records or even memories from your elder members of the family.

From an early age we learn to see and adapt to our surroundings. The life we have starts to become familiar. We recognize the face of our mother, who holds us in her arms from the day we are born, and nurtures us so that we feel safe and loved. As we grow older, our home and our family become familiar and safe.

But when children start to talk, it is one of the most wonderful things to a parent. Soon the words become a pattern and the child soon learns to string sentences together. In most families this is a normal process. But what happens when your child suddenly says out of the blue. ‘Where is my real Mama? Why am I here with you, I want to go back and live with my real mummy.

Is this a sign of reincarnation? Or do you believe that your child is showing signs of telepathy or other psychic phenomenon? As you will see, children can sometimes seem to recall memories from another life.

This isn’t as always imagination. We tend to know when a child is making up stories, and playing with imaginary friends. We all go through that stage. We expect it from our children. So when do we know it is something different? I believe that we know there is something strange going on when the child makes a statement that is so mind blowing, something that can be tested, and to our astonishment and chagrin, find out and that it is true.

Below are real life stories of Children who believe they have lived before.

James Leininger with his parents Andrea and Bruce.
James Leininger with his parents Andrea and Bruce.

The memories Begin.

Boy Remembers His Past Life As A Fighter Pilot.

James Leininger who lives in Louisiana, was just two and a half years old when he started talking about his vivid dreams and strong memories of being a man called LT.James McCready Huston. He went on to say that he had been a World War two fighter pilot, from Uniontown Pennsylvania, who had been killed in Iwo Jima, more than fifty years before.

At the tender age of two the boy began talking about aviation, and his knowledge of the subject was amazing. He hadn’t learned it from his parents as they knew nothing of flying or being in the Airforce.

He started having nightmares about being shot down by a Japanese plane with a red sun on the side. The child’s parents began to study the subject, and to their astonishment, realised that something extremely extraordinary was happening.

There was no way James could have known this amazingly true information! His nightmares started after his father had taken him to Dallas flight museum. But there was nothing there that would or could have started these amazing revelations.

Andrea, recalled how James would scream at the top of his voice, ‘airplane crash, on fire, can’t get out, help, and he would be kicking and pointing to the ceiling. At one stage when Andrea took James shopping, she pointed out a plane in a shop window. ‘Look’ she said, ‘It has a bomb at the bottom’.

She was astounded to hear her two and a half year old state, ‘That’s not a bomb, that’s a drop tank’. Andrea had no idea what on earth a drop tank was. he went on to tell his bemused parents that he had flown a plane called a Corsair, which took off from a boat called the Natoma. When his parents served him up some meatloaf for lunch, which he had never eaten before that day, he said ‘meatloaf, I haven’t had that since I was on the Natoma’.

Escort carrier ship natoma bay
Escort carrier ship natoma bay
James leininger
James leininger

‘Research, Check and double Check’

Bruce, James father, decided to do some research of his own. He discovered that there had been a small escort carrier called the Natoma Bay, which had been in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Further research proved that there had indeed been a pilot called James Huston! His plane had indeed been hit by Japanese fire and was struck in the engine. This was March 3rd 1945.

In a further twist to the story, Huston’s sister, Anne Barron, now 87 years old was tracked down, and states that after listening to little James story, she totally believes him. ‘He knows too many things, for some reason he knows what happened’. Huston’s cousin, Bob now 74 years old also had this to say.

‘To me, it’s amazing, everything the boy has said is exactly the account told to James Huston’s father and also my mother, there is no way this child could have known that’!

When James was six years old in 2004, his father took him to a reunion of veterans who had served on the Natoma. When he was there, James was able to recognise one of his old mates after sixty years.

His parents stood in awe as he stated, ‘They’re so old’!

Lt. James M. Huston and James
Lt. James M. Huston and James

Most Recent Interview.

‘Its the tiny things that provide the truth!’

Ever since James’s extraordinary story hit the headlines, the book written by his father has reached all four corners of the globe and has proved to be very popular.

I have read excerpts of the amazing story, and most of the really tiny proofs are the most profound of all.

Its definitely not something you can dismiss. But is it reincarnation? I believe it is, but why not read it for yourself?

Cameron Macaulay reincarnation true story
Cameron Macaulay reincarnation true story
Isle of Barra
Isle of Barra

Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay has lived his whole life in Glasgow Scotland, but ever since he started talking at the age of two years old, he has told his family about his previous life on the Island of Barra, which is situated of the west coast of Scotland.

Cameron lives with his mother Norma. He started talking about a white house, which overlooked the sea and the beach, he goes on to explain about there being airplanes that used to land on the beach, and also the fact that he was very fond of a black and white dog he had whilst he was there.

The family had never been to Barra as it was over 200 miles away from where they lived. To get there would take an hour by flying or longer by sea. His dad on the island was called Shane Robertson, who evidently died by being knocked over by a car. His actual words were, ‘He didn’t look both ways’!

One of the strangest subjects was the toilets! He used to keep complaining that on Barra his parents had three toilets. He also spent ages drawing ‘his’ house, a long white building, standing on the beach.

He would sit on his chair talking about his parents and brothers and sisters, and as time went on he got more and more upset about leaving his other mother. He would cry continuously and say that he wished his mother could see that he was alright.

The story soon came to the attention of a film company, and after listening to his story, his nursery school teacher suggested that maybe they should film him and go to the Island.

 Cameron Macaulay remembers past life living before on Barra
Cameron Macaulay remembers past life living before on Barra

Cameron’s Journey To Barra 2006

After setting up a meeting, the film company agreed to take Cameron to Barra. They were also escorted by a Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychologist.

When Cameron was told he was going, he couldn’t stop jumping up and down. ‘I’m going home, I’m going home’ he shouted.

Reaching the Island, they were astonished to find that they had indeed landed on the beach! Cameron started to run around yelling, ‘I’m back’!

Chattering away about his Barra mother, he told everyone that she had long brown hair that fell all the way down her back, and that she read him stories from the Bible. Cameron’s mother stated that they were not particularly religious and had never done this at home. They soon booked into a hotel and started to search for clues to Cameron’s past.

Back on Barra
Back on Barra

Familiar Things

After contacting the Heritage Centre to find out about the house, they were disappointed to find that no records could be found about any house being owned by the Robertson family overlooking the bay. To say they were disappointed was an understatement. They drove around the island looking for the house but couldn’t even see one that resembled Cameron’s description.

Then they realised that they were looking in the wrong direction! The planes that Cameron saw were coming in from the wrong side of the bay. If Cameron saw them from his bedroom window, they realised that they had to go the other way.

Eventually the hotel phoned them and told them that yes, there was a Robertson family home on the other side of the island. So they started to drive Cameron there. They didn’t tell him where they were going, but when they arrived, Cameron jumped out of the car and ran straight to he house.

He knew it immediately! But as Cameron walked through the door, he began to get very pale and quiet. Up until now, he had recognised the exact gate at the front, he knew where to go and was so excited. But entering the house he stood to one side, slightly uncertain.

Then he took off, running around the house, pointing out all the rooms where he had ‘lived’. All the nooks and cranny’s, the three toilets, and much to his mothers surprise, when they went into the garden he took them to his secret entrance that he had been talking about for years.

Landing on Barra
Landing on Barra

Strange Conundrums

The strangest part of the story comes about when researchers managed to find one of the surviving Robertson family members. In most of the reports they don’t state whether this is a man or a woman, I believe in the video it says it was a woman.

Unfortunately the relative in question seemed to know nothing about a man called Shane Robertson! But even stranger was the fact that this family, now living in Sterling, had photos of the dog and the car that Cameron had seen in his visions.

Why was this I wonder. how could Cameron know about everything else but get this wrong? it seems that the relative in question would have been at the house around about the same time as Cameron in his past life.

As he grew older Cameron began to lose the memories of Barra. After his visit he settled down, happy to know that his mother in this life believed in his story. One of the last things that Cameron mentioned was when he was talking to his friend, he said, ‘Don’t worry about dying, you just come back again’.

When his mother asked him, ‘How did you get here to me?’ He replied, ‘ I fell through, and went into your tummy’.

My Thoughts on Cameron

I have read many reviews and reports about this story, and the one thing that I have noticed is that Cameron seems to be telling the whole truth about what he believes. So why did that relative not remember his father from the previous life?

Maybe Cameron got the wrong family. But no, that’s not possible, because he recognised the car and the dog as well as the house. So what is the explanation? Maybe the relative was too young at the time to know about the father. Maybe it happened before she was born, and Cameron’s ‘old’ mother had married again.

The psychologists believe it was just imagination, but how could it be? Even if he had seen the house on TV, surely it would not make him remember the inside of the house, the gate, the secret entrance, and of course the view from his bedroom window overlooking the beach where the planes landed.

And why would he make up the story of his father? I believe that the relative that gave the information didn’t know all the family members, she would have been too young, and memory can be very deceiving. Who know?

All we know now is that Cameron is happy with his knowledge of knowing that he has been allowed to visit his previous home on Barra.

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