Did Nostradamus Predict The Rise Of Putin And An Alien Invasion in 2017?

Alien UFO invasion in 2017 – 2020? Nostradamus and Revelation prophecies. Alien UFO invasion of earth in 2017? Alien takeover of the planet? Fullfilling Book of Revelation prophecies of the rise and defeat of the Antichrist Putin. Nostradamus and Book of Revelation prophecies of alien invasion of earth and modification of human DNA. Revelation 19 – return of Jesus Christ, possibly on a UFO. Revelation 21 – the New Jerusalem descends from outer space. Revelation 22 – DNA modification of the human species.
Alien Invasion of Earth and the New Jerusalem is a Giant Alien City. Bible prophecies of the Book of Revelation, Aliens invade and take over earth. Jesus Christ leads the alien UFO fleet. Jesus Christ and the Aliens will defeat the Antichrist Putin.
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