This Cursed Black Angel Statue Kills Anyone Who Dares Touch It!

The paranormal world can be extremely fascinating, but also very dangerous. One must be cautions when dwelling in the shadows of the uncanny realm which could scar your soul for eternity. The thought of encountering a ghost can be exciting and scary, although there are some extreme cases of spiritual contact that can cause not only mental, but also physical damage.

 Even worse than encountering a ghost, is being in contact with cursed objects. In this case we’re talking about a specific statue on Oakland Cemetary, Iowa City, which is called the “Black Angel”.
 This statue is said to hold a death curse, so who ever dares to touch it will die in a very short amount of time, sometimes right on the spot. It is unknown about the true origin of the curse, but there are several different stories.
There are also disturbing accounts of people dying after touching the statue.
Watch the following video to know more! /SOURCE

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