‘Aliens Eating People’ – The Forest Service UFO Files

The United States Forest Service which operates over the 154 national forests in the United States and Puerto Rico has complied with a request under the Freedom of Information Act for all records relating to the UFO phenomena. 


The United States Forest Service responded with several documents relating to some events relating to the UFO phenomena which have occurred over the years. The most extensive report concerns an incident which occurred at the Yaak Air Base in 1952. While the account is very light on pertinent details, it does say that two USAF personnel were witnesses to an extraordinary incident while on duty monitoring air traffic control in the region. The two air force personnel claimed that they had seen dark objects flashing with multi-coloured lights on the horizon. They said that these objects were seen to be fly erratically for approximately an hour before coming closer to their line of vision. It was at this point that they realized that the object was a classically cigar shaped UFO. No explanation has ever been offered for what happened that day, the USFS reported.

The agency also responded to the request with information about more recent UFO sightings over the national forests of the United States, complete with a couple of low-resolution photographs. The body also supplied a letter relating to a highly disturbing story told by a caller who had alleged that there were aliens present within one of their forests that were posing a danger to the public. The anguished caller had relayed that he had witnessed aliens consuming human bodies and it appeared as though the forest workers were turning a deliberately blind eye to what was happening. From the tone of the letter, it does not appear as though the call was taken seriously by the agency.

While the USFS have provided a tantalizing glimpse of the extraordinary sights witnessed in the national forests of America, they were not particularly forthcoming with the details. Naturally, these documents only provide as much information as was necessary to fulfill their obligations under the Freedom of Information Act. More details about these intriguing cases have not been voluntarily offered up which suggests that the real story is much juicier than they are letting on.


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