If we were all vegetarians, this is what the world would be like

Look, there’s a way of taking note of scientific fact without immediately changing your lifestyle, and without everyone calling you a hypocrite. It’s called being alive in the 21st Century.

I’m not a huge carnivore myself, but I do have difficulty trying to envision a varied diet without turning to animal products and specifically, meat. There’s not much sense in being militantly anti-vegetarian, like some people are “To each their own,” I think the saying goes. But there’s no denying that the science is increasingly pointing to the fact that a world that isn’t dependent on the consumption of animals would be much easier on the environment.

You can be one of those people who base every decision on the impact they might have on the environment, or you could be the complete opposite, and not care in the slightest about that. Most people are somewhere in the middle. That’s why at least being informed about the possible benefits of lowering our collecting meat production is important.

So here’s AsapSCIENCE with all the meaty details on what would happen if the whole world went vegetarian:



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