11 Haunting Quotes From Writers That’ll Shake Your Soul

There’s moments when you’re reading something hella dope (most likely Blood Meridian or anything Alan Moore) and a sentence strikes you right upside the noggin and shatters into chills down your spine as you internalize the structured incantation in front of you. Like deciphering the gooey babble of an enlightenment egg that broke itself over your head to drown you in it’s awe. You ponder a bit. And derive meaning from it’s now empty shell that broadened your horizon or forced you to think a bit or feel some raw -ish then think deeply about how it made you feel. These writiers capture the wonder of this experience for those who love reading and although there are many writers, poets, and rappers to quote these are the few we’ve gotten to thus far.


Time is a precious resource.


Think of the echo as the writer and the shadow as the future reader, then it’ll probably make a little more sense.


A lesson on entitlement and what not being an asshole can do.


“But also beneath this mask is just flesh and if you shoot that, it will surely die. But the idea won’t… but yes, I definitely, without a doubt, hundred percent, will be killed by a speeding bullet.”


In a world desensitized and disconnected from themselves, are artists the bridge.


Definitely a quote mostly only writers will understand.


The beautiful and miraculous Ocean Vuong, everybody:


Blood Meridian’s vicious, grim, and gutting tone and world realized in only a few sentences. A technique only spun best by writers at the top of their shit. And even better by Cormac McCarthy.


Let it out, baby boo.


I think I would’ve aced my stupid exams if I had written instead “love” on every inch of the short essays. “Describe what the fall of the Roman Empire meant for the future of the regions occupied by Roman rule.” “LOVE!!! LOVE! LOOOOOVE!!!!” That’ll definitely get me the job I want in the field I need because everyone knows 100% of all college students get the exact jobs in the careers they want and are studying for!! SIGH… but I digress.

And that’s our show folks. 10 haunting quotes from writers that’ll shake your soul.



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