US Warns Russia: ‘Aliens Are on Their Way’

From Conspiracy Theory

A report detailing the meeting held between Prime Minister Putin and US Vice President Biden this past week shockingly reveals an American plea for Russian help in establishing an “Earth Wide” missile defense plan to protect our planet from an #alieninvasion expected in late 2017 after #NASA satellites revealed an “incoming” fleet of “miles-wide” #UFO’s that have entered our #SolarSystem. The Department of Defense launched three Terrier-Orion rockets from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on January 15, 2014, which is also stated in the report. The launches were labeled as #topsecret , and their mission is a mystery to the general public. The objects seemed to be emitting some sort of force field that deflected space particles from touching their surface, almost like the magnetic field around the earth. The objects were getting so close that, with our telescopes, we could see the structural features of these things in high detail. It looks like we will have our answers once the fleet lands on Earth.

Video Source: UFO Mania

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