US President signs executive order to begin work on Mexico Border Wall

President Of The United States in 2017 Mr. Donald Trump is living up to his campaign promises of building a wall along the U.S. And Mexico border in the south of the U.S. Trump stated in his campaign speeches repeatedly that he would build a wall as President and Mexico would pay for this wall.

Trump also stated that sanctuary cities in the U.S. Wouldn’t receive government funds to continue the work of allowing illegal immigrants to exist in these cities. Trump also said that mass deportations of illegals, mostly criminal, would also be placed as law to take these people out of these cities and return them to their respective countries. Trump in the first five days of taking the office, has implemented these into law.

Trump is stated as saying “America First” and “Let’s Make America Great Again”. In his inaugural speech, he stated these two phrases as fact for the Trump presidency. Why? Trump believes he is a patriot for his country. Trump believes he was sent by the people to bring back this sense of patriotism to the country he lives in.

Trump thinks that this is a movement for the ages, in which it’s his job to correct the works of the former Presidents that came before him. He believes that the United States resources are being used up by foreigners that aren’t citizens of this country. And most importantly, Trump believes in this idea of the “secret” dealings of a U.S. Government, and possibly the uniting of the New World Order. Don’t believe it. Check out the Alex Jones radio show.

Trump appeared on the show in 2016 with Alex. He spoke on these particular subjects with Alex. Trump then went on and congratulated and thanked Alex for his help on winning the presidency. Why? Alex is known for his statements on people like George Soros and Bill Gates, the vaccines being poison for the people, GMO’s being used in the food supplies, a secret world governments, and the U.S. Supplying it’s enemies with military weapons. Trump seems to take into account Alex’s opinion on the N.W.O. And Trump seems to be similar in his beliefs.


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