Three Sisters Found An Injured Alien In Brazil. The Varginha Incident

On January 20th, 1996, sisters Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva and their friend Kátia Andrade Xavier came across an incredible being which many people believe is one of the most credible extra-terrestrial sightings the world has ever seen.


The three young women were walking through the streets of their hometown of Varginha in Brazil when they happened upon a bizarre creature which they estimated to be around five foot tall. The being was described as having a thin body and a disproportionately large head. It was described as having brown skin and huge red eyes. The being was leaning against a wall and appeared to be both disorientated and in some physical distress. The women sad that its head appeared to be wobbling alarmingly on its shoulders.

The three women were terrified and ran for home. When they arrived, they told Liliane and Valquiria’s mother that they had seen the devil itself. Their mother was skeptical but decided to investigate the scene herself. When she arrived where the women claimed to have seen the creature, there was nothing to be found although she noticed that there was a particularly pungent smell of ammonia hanging in the air.

Shortly thereafter, further unusual activity was reported close to the area where the being had been spotted. The owners a farm close to the town reported seeing a saucer-shaped flying object hovering in the nearby vicinity of their land. They said that the object remained there for approximately forty minutes and was causing considerable distress to the animals on the farm.

News of these unusual events spread through the town and many people were on the lookout for the peculiar being described by the three women. Nothing was discovered for a few days until eventually the dead body of the being was found lying in the road. The Brazilian military arrived with unusual haste and collected the alien body.

What happened to the body after the military intervened is unknown. To this day, the Brazilian authorities have maintained that the military did not pick up a body and was merely carrying out a routine patrol. They have also denied that the three women saw an extra-terrestrial, instead of saying that they had seen a homeless and mentally ill local man called “Mudinho” who only looked strange because he had coated himself in mud. Naturally, this explanation has not be considered at all acceptable by most of the local people.

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