This Is The Real Reason Why People With Type O Blood Are So Unique

People with Type O blood are at a disadvantage health-wise. They’re prone to ulcers, thyroid issues, low hormone levels, and iodine deficiency. Type O people are more likely to retain water, be obese, and have unwanted tumors. But still, Type O people are very important. Why?

Because people with this blood type play an important role in our society. They have leadership energy, they tend to stay focused, and have some of the best qualities.

When stressed out, they become angry, impulsive, and hyperactive. Poor diet and lack of exercise makes them prone to additional health problems.


The Japanese have long known that this blood type is special. They even sometimes ask if you have type O blood in job interviews! They’re some of the most responsible, committed, organized, and focused people. They are believed to be more logical and that their ancestors were probably hunters.

One of the coolest things about people with type O negative blood? They can donate their red blood cells to anyone. Type AB is a universal match for plasma. Have you ever donated blood? It’s an important, helpful thing you can do. You may even save someone’s life!

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