The Secret Of Malta’s Missing Alien Bodies

In 1902 workers on a construction site in Malta were stunned when they uncovered what was later identified as an incredibly ancient sanctuary buried beneath the earth. The story that then unfolded is one of the most bizarre and fascinating scientific and archaeological stories of recent times. 


Archaeologists assessed the site and found that it was a remarkable architectural construction. A number of rooms were uncovered, each of which appeared to have a very specific function. One of the most unusual of these was referred to by the investigators as the ‘Oracle Room’ where a speaker’s voice reverberates around the walls. In this room, archaeologists discovered an intricately carved statue of a sleeping women. Indeed, there were a number of statues – all depicting the female form – discovered in various places in the labyrinthine complex. The historians and archaeologists were only able to speculate about the purpose of these statues because almost nothing is known about the society that created them. It is believed that the sanctuary was constructed approximately 5000 years ago, making it the oldest known structure in the entire world.

Given the implications of this building, it is perhaps surprising that it is not more widely known about giving rise to speculation that knowledge about the sanctuary has been suppressed. The reason why someone might want to cover up the discovery of the sanctuary may be linked to the 7000 bodies extracted from the site.

These bodies had incredibly strange elongated skulls which evidently did not belong to human beings. While skull elongation is a common practice in many cultures throughout the world, skulls that have been lengthened artificially tend to portray tell-tale signs of physical manipulation. These skulls presented none of these signs. However, some of them did present with drill holes which suggest that these ancient people were trying to relieve pressure in their skull. The combination of these two factors led leading scientists to suggest that these skulls were not likely to be human.

Mysteriously, these bodies were all stolen from where they were being kept, and now the only records documenting their unusual features are from the scientists who initially studied them, Dr. Anton Mifsud and his colleague Dr. Charles Savona Ventura.

Skulls bearing these unusual signifiers have also been discovered in Egypt and in regions of South America. While some people have suggested that they may indicate that there was once another race of humanoid creatures who walked the earth that was loosely related to human beings, others have suggested that the secrecy surrounding these discoveries indicates that there is something more mysterious about them. Could these skulls be from an ancient alien race? And if so, why are some taking such pains to conceal their existence from the rest of the world?


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