The Moon Is An Alien Observatory Built To Watch Humanity

Schoolchildren all over the world are taught to believe that the Moon is a natural satellite, but is that really the case? Some theorists have suggested that the Moon is actually an artificial structure that was built by an alien society far more advanced than humanity. Some have speculated that the Moon is being used as an observatory by this species, either to document the behaviour of humanity or to keep a watch in case human beings attempt to leave Earth and travel through space.

All of this may sound implausible, but this theory has some compelling and intriguing facts to back it up.


Firstly, the Moon is a deeply unusual celestial body in that it does not have a hard, central nucleus. Instead, the Moon’s mass is concentrated at some points deep beneath its crust. It also doesn’t behave like all of the other natural satellites humans have investigated in the observable universe in that its orbit is perfectly round.

Investigations of the Moon’s surface have also turned up some highly unusual facts. In 1969, the United States built a module which they crashed onto the Moon’s surface to observe the after effects. The impact of the blast was said to be equivalent to that of one thousand kilograms of dynamite. Ken Johnson said that the Moon began to wobble in a symmetrical fashion in the same way that a building fitted with hydraulic damper struts would. After the crash, the Moon also made a bizarre noise, similar to that of a bell and the echoes could be heard for more than half an hour.

All of this suggests that the Moon was constructed to withstand the extreme pressure of a collision from outer-space. Moreover, the composition of the Moon’s surface seems to support this theory. Since the 1970s, scientists have been baffled by the incredibly dense surface of the Moon, which is estimated to descend for three miles beneath the exterior.

Even more unusually, the Moon’s surface appears to be composed of unnatural elements. There is evidence that certain Moon rocks contain highly sophisticated forged metals, including high-quality titanium which is used for the construction of space satellites and submarines. Further to that, samples retrieved from the Moon also indicate highly processed uranium of a far more concentrated quality than has ever been achieved on Earth, as well as traces of the radioactive materials typically used to mass-produce plutonium.

Modern scientists have not yet been able to provide a cohesive explanation for all of these bizarre facts about the composition and structure of the Moon, but all of the facts seem to point towards the satellite being of artificial construction. Could it possibly be an alien observatory? Or, considering that the Moon is approximately a million years older than our Earth, could it perhaps be a remnant from ancient, advanced society? Presently, all of these questions are open for debate, and our Moon remains an enigma.

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