REVEALED: FBI Releases DECLASSIFIED Nikola Tesla Documents!

Entitled the “Electrical genius”, inventor Nikola Tesla has been considered one of the greatest minds of modern age bringing about revolutionary concepts that are still mind blowing scientists minds to this day.

There have been several conspiracy theories regarding some of his controversial inventions and their whereabouts. Tesla was a man who envisioned a world filled with free and rich energy, but some of his works could create catastrophic damage if it were to be dropped on the wrong hands.
The “Death Ray” is one of those weapons that we can imagine coming from a science fiction story, but one brilliant mind came up with a design for a really powerful death beam and people have been wondering where the blueprints and plans for such a devastating weapon could be hidden

New declassified information regarding Nikola Tesla, including the “Death ray”, has been released to the public eye. The FBI files tell of even more bizarre technological concepts by Tesla.
Watch the following video know more!

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