Stephen Hawking: Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity

Professor Stephen Hawking propelled a noteworthy new push to scan for indications of wise outsider life in the universe, despite the fact that he supposes it’s feasible that such animals would attempt to annihilate mankind. 

Since at least 2010, Hawking has spoken publicly about his fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants. At the media occasion reporting the new venture, he noticed that individuals have an unpleasant history of abusing, and notwithstanding slaughtering, other human societies that are less mechanically progressed — why might an outsider development be any unique?

But, it appears Hawking’s longing to know whether there is smart life somewhere else in the universe trumps his apprehensions. Today (July 20), he was a piece of an open declaration for another activity called Breakthrough Listen, which coordinators said will be the most intense look ever started for indications of clever life somewhere else in the universe.


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