South Africa on high alert after dozens witnessed a green object light up the night sky

On a play of words from the television show “Orange Is The New Black” its seems that green is the “in” color this year with the mounting displays of “UFO’s” bombarding the countries across this world.

Most recent in a sighting which also has the backing of an experienced airline pilot and numerous videos of these sightings around the world that lend a credibility to this case. A pilot flying in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa had spotted this unidentified flying object near the airplane he was piloting.

He had stated that this craft ascended up into the sky. And with a follow-up to this story, in that this craft had then ascended into the ocean. Speculation becomes obvious when it is stated the object “went into the water.”

The fact that this could be a meteor is out of the questioning as a meteor flies in one direction and doesn’t ascend and then go down towards the water unless it’s being piloted by a person or thing. Also, this water descent plays to the fact that this might be some “USO” that being an Unidentified Submerged Object, aka, a UFO that flies into the water.

The belief being that there are many submerged bases for these Aliens beneath the waters of the world. Accounts in the past few days have been coming in and documenting these “objects” from space in the Earth.

What are they? Everything from fireballs in the air from space, to the green Aliens as we seem to depict in the images of “green” men from outer space, to the belief that “secret” government projects are adding illumination to the skies (LED lights) and allowing the military to project in the sky basically whatever they want to show the public’s of the world. Why would they engage in such trickery?

The belief is that the military-industrial complex seeks an agenda where they will project an invading army of UFO’s, and this will cause the governments, which may already be aligning themselves with these military figures, to come together in a “one” unity of order, the New World Order, that so many people have speculated.

It is interesting the many, many objects that are being spotted, reported, and video captured for the world to witness. They have increased much, with more information also coming out on what the “hidden” Wizards of the NWO are planning to execute with their agenda. /SOURCE

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