SHOCK! John Lennon And George Harrison GHOST’S Captured By Mystic!

Rockstars usually live their lifes by the edge and most of them are known to have perished during their younger years. These tragic celebrities are most of the time very influencial during their lifetime, with great musical works that inspired a whole generation and left their mark in the hall of fame. 

Perhaps some of these deceased rockstars are still among us watching how the musical world is evolving and in what ways did their legendary music influenced it.

Mediums around the world have been communicating or trying to communicate with notable and important figures, not just random deceased people.

Two of these notable celebrities that were contacted recently was John Lennon and George Harrison from famous band ‘The Beatles’.

A mystic snapped a picture of the duo using a technique she previously used to obtain pictures of other deceased celebrities.

Could these two actually be Lennon and Harrison?


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