Shock Claim Fbi Killed John Lennon For Discovering The Truth About Ufos And Aliens

UFO phenomena can infect just about anyone. There are many levels of UFO enthusiasts, ranging from the casual everyday bloke to the tin foil hat wearing fanatic. Many of the stories we hear, even if it is the most convincing with the clearest evidence to back it up, tend to just be swept away in short time.

But when it comes to big star celebrities mentioning UFOs or describing a close encounter experience, the world suddenly explodes and it becomes the groundbreaking topic for all conspiracy theorists out there.

John Lennon, a well known super star musician and a then member of the oldschool famous band “The Beatles”, was a man with an interesting and bizarre history.

He once said, that while looking from his balcony he saw what it seemed like a big flying ship with a dark color tone and bright white lights heading down the river.

But apparently, that wasn’t the only time he had an extraterrestrial experience.

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