Searching for a Lost Viking Ship in California Desert

Back in the days when much of the map was still blank, explorers would follow any waterway in the hopes of finding the next great passage. Yet some rivers can be deceiving, especially those in the volatile region west of the Rocky Mountains.

Mojave Desert is the name given to the highest part of the California Desert, and the Sonoran Desert corresponds to its lower part. This desert has a very hostile climate and houses famous geological formations, such as Death Valley, with its beds of dry salt lakes.

According to local lore, a great ship is stranded in California’s Salton Sea Basin on the edge of the Sonora Desert.

This boat that would meet in the California desert would be a Viking boat that was in America long before Columbus.

In any case, historians agree that colonization did not change the history of America. The glory of the discovery is still Christopher Columbus. The voyages of the Vikings through the North Atlantic should not be forgotten, but they do not take from Columbus the title of European discoverer of the New World, according to the historian Leandro Karnal, professor of History of America of the State University of Campinas: “What is considered History is not only the discovery, but the colonization … is the colonization that produces History, tragic or not. ”


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