Scientists Claim Cherokees Are From The Middle East – DNA Supports This Finding

“The Cherokees have lived in the Southeastern United States for over 10,000 years.Cherokees developed and cultivated corn, beans and squash – “the three sisters” – along with sunflowers and other crops. Archaeological evidence, early written accounts, and the oral history of the Cherokees themselves show the Cherokees as a mighty nation controlling more than 140,000 square miles with a population of thirty-six thousand or more. Often the townhouse stood on an earthen mound, which grew with successive ceremonial re-buildings.”


“The History of the American Indians” is an 18th century book written by trader John Adair which suggest that Cherokees living in the North Carolina Mountains were able to speak ancient Jewish when the language was unintelligible to Jews in England and Holland. Knowing this, Adair developed a belief that these Cherokees were descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes in Israel!

Adair was married to a Chickasaw woman himself and was fond of Native Americans. However, his theory was twisted during the American revolution. In the new version, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel had built the thousands of mounds that dotted the landscape of eastern North America, but the Native Americans had killed all the “civilized Jews.” Frontier preachers gave sermons which demanded that their parishioners go out and slaughter the evil savages, who had killed the “civilized Jews.”

Later in the 20th century, North Carolina went to new extremes. In 1976, the North Carolina government directed a team of scientists to come to the finding that the Cherokees have been the same for a whole millennium (The North Carolina History Project). This led to archeologists and historians re-labelling Native American sites to “Cherokee” or “Proto-Cherokee”, and the widespread Creek Indian names were also re-labeled. The early Colonial archives had shown that other ethnic groups were living in the region prior to 1715, but the word “Charaqui” first appeared in 1718.

Every next generation of archaeologists and historians followed this story unaware of what happened in 1976, leading to the desecration of Cherokee history. In the 1700s, some Cherokees and wannabe Cherokees fought against the French in New York when the British Crown offered them a vast territory to the Southeast, which included territory to those fighting with the French. Afterwards, the Creek Confederacy won the 40-year long Creek-Cherokee war and took the Cherokee territory that was captured 40 years before.

In 1757, the Cherokees attacked their former British allies, but Great Britain won and took back the Cherokee land. All other tribes were forced to leave, resulting in the Cherokee Reservation in 1763.

The USA created the map of Native American territories in 1990, and labeled the vast “seven state” area as traditional Cherokee land. They added northwest Georgia, northeast Alabama, sections of North and South Carolina to the area – in short words, places Cherokees never lived on. The Cherokees were branded as descendants of Indians that inhabited this territory since the discovery of North America.

Later in the 20th century, Cherokee leaders said they never build mounds, and a new generation of Cherokees from North Carolina assumed that the map said that they built mounds in the southeast. They were considered the first people to domesticate beans, corn and squash. At the moment, there’s no DNA test that can confirm any Native American tribe in North America. People claiming to be Native American are not the same people European explorers met in the past. Many laboratories face big obstacles when they attempt to create reliable DNA markers for certain tribes.

As many Americans claim that they have Cherokee heritage, DNA Consultants Inc. have begun DNA mapping of the Cherokees living in the Qualla Reservation in North Carolina, but doing so have made them stumble on a hornet’s nest as many of the Cherokees there have mixed with other ethnicities.

The Cherokee princess might have been Jewish or North African, which leaves the Cherokees labeled as Middle Eastern or North African. Test markers link them with Berbers, native Egyptians, Turks, Lebanese, Hebrews and Mesopotamians, and this makes them closer to the Jewish than the typical American Jew. The “full-blooded” Cherokees have traces of European DNA in them, and even their facial features and color differ from real Cherokees.

In other countries, Cherokees have been found to contain Mayan DNA, or features that resemble the Zoque of Mexico. The scientists of DNA Consultants Inc. are also unaware that in the 1600s Iberian Sephardic Jews and Moorish Conversos colonized big parts of North Carolina and the Georgia Mountains while looking for gold and silver.

It’s still a mystery how the North Carolina Mountains became the home of mixed Semitic, North African, European and Native American population known as Cherokees. Maybe the slave trade in the 18th century contributed to this – it’s a fact that young Sephardic females were captured by slave raiders and turned into concubines and wives.

Around 1693, the British forged an alliance with 8 small native towns holding Creek names throughout Northwest Carolina and the Rickohockens of southwest Virginia, effectively stopping the French expansion.

Nowadays, the Cherokee language is a mix of Rickohocken, Creek and Shawnee dialects. With so much facts missing from the past, who knows what might still be uncovered about the Cherokees?

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