Russia Made A Long Time Ago Ufo Disclosurebut No One Believed

The agenda of Russia to the World Economic Forum held in late January 2013 was passed exhortation addressed to US President Barack Obama, the time has come for mankind to learn the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. At the initiative of Russia stated that if the United States would not consider this announcement, the Kremlin unilaterally will assume this task and will do so without any hesitation.

Economic Forum in Davos which took place in Switzerland, is a Swiss non-profit foundation that aims to world economic development by engaging leaders of the world into a shared agenda of interests and principles. The event is undoubtedly one grandiose as it brings together annually about 2,500 notable participants: big businessmen, politicians (including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron), intellectuals chief, journalists prestigious to discuss the most pressing issues of humanity, including health and the environment.

This year, the opening was officiated by Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia. Medvedev was also the protagonist of an event apparently unscheduled dated 7 December 2012, when after filming an interview, he continued to respond to some sensitive questions related to aliens, believing that the microphone has been closed. In reality, he remained connected to the network so that the entire dialogue with the reporter was registered. Medvedev was then asked if “it is handed to the President, with nuclear suitcase, and a secret file containing information about aliens.” Medvedev replied without hesitation: “With the suitcase that contains codes for launching nuclear warheads, the president also received a top secret file that contains information about extraterrestrial beings have visited our planet (…) Read more information on this issue can get by watching the documentary Men in Black … I will not say how many aliens are present among us on Earth, as this would cause panic. ”

In a sluggish approach of what was said by Medvedev, Western news agencies were quick to mock the Prime Minister’s statements or provide listeners that he “joked” because the movie Men in Black said. In fact, Medvedev did not refer at all to the comedy American Action, whose first part appeared in 1997, but was referring to the famous documentary Russian with the same name, detailing the many aspects of UFOs and aliens. Moreover, news agencies Western translated deliberately wrongly saying of Medvedev: “More information on this topic can be obtained from well-known film Men in Black”, when in reality the words of Prime Minister Russian were: “You can get more information Watch the documentary of the same name. ” /SOURCE

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