‘Pot Sasquatch’ photo bombs mid-blizzard report live on air

A mysterious marijuana-oriented “Pot Sasquatch” was seen roaming around the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

I kid you not. Pot. Sasquatch. You heard me right.

Springfield’s local news station, WWLP, was out filming a local news report on February 10th, 2017 when the mysterious creature was documented in the background of the footage.

It had since become a viral craze throughout various forms of social media as people who witnessed it took to Twitter and documented the existence of this marijuana-themed Bigfoot. The newscaster was documenting how heavy snows had hit the New England area, while various tweets were being sent out documenting this as what could be the next viral Internet sensation.

Real or fake, you decide.

Although, it appears that many of the tweets sent out verified this “pot Sasquatch” was indeed legitimate, while from my perspective, it could very well be just a poor attempt at some youngster’s attempt at “trolling” the local media.


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