Only 3% Have An ‘X’ On Their Both Hands: Here’s What It Means!

There are those of us who no doubt hear the term palm reading and laugh. After all, this is considered one of those parlor trick type games such as a Queja board or reading tea leaves. But believe it or not the belief that our palms can predict our destiny is something that was taken seriously, but the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. There is historical evidence that the palm and its imprints say a whole lot about a person who they are in personality. 


Think about this for a minute and the hand itself. How do we identify a person, through the imprints on their fingers, no two sets of these are alike? So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the palm of the hand also gives information about the person? There are those who believe strongly that it does especially when a person is fortunate enough to have the imprint of the letter “X on both hands.

What is so special about the letter “X” and having it present on both hands? These individuals seem to be destined for greatness because they seem to have qualities that seem to drive them forward and to acquire greatness, no matter what path they take. In fact, in Russia at the Sti University, a term paper was done about the “X-palm secret and Spirit Science formula. This research consisted of study two million different individuals throughout the world. The findings showed that those who had the X on both the hands seems to have more dynamic personalities.

So, how do we determine that we have this desirable imprint? Well, before we all start examining our hands more closely it should be pointed out that only around three percent of people in the world seem to have the X on both palms. But don’t be discouraged this is just one example of the imprints that are found on our hands. Who knows what the imprints we have say about our character and our destiny. Doe s make palm reading a little more believable doesn’t it.


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