One of the most respected scientists of today says he found definitive proof that God exists.

One of the most respected scientists of today says he has found evidence of the action of a force “that governs everything.”

The theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claims to have developed a theory that might point to the existence of God. The information has created a great stir in the scientific community because Kaku is considered one of the most important scientists of our times, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory which is highly respected throughout the world.

To to come to his conclusions, the physicist made use of what he calls “primitive semi – radius tachyons “.


Tachyons are theoretical particles capable to “unstick ” the Universe matter or vacuum space between matter particles, leaving everything free from the influences of the surrounding universe.

After conducting the tests, Kaku came to the conclusion that we live in a “Matrix”.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence”, he affirmed. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.”

“To me it is clear that we exists in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

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        1. Apparently you can’t read very well. Or, you’re entirely confused about what “God” refers to. In either case, the title is perfect.

  1. God created the world and all that is inside it. Also, He created life and death, heaven and hellfire. He sent 124,000 Prophets among them were 315 Messengers to inform the people about His existence and to call people to believe that “No one is worthy of worship except Allah. He created

    1. If you believe that, then you believe the earth is flat, with a firmament right? God said it….right?

      1. The Firmament was Pangea that was split from within when GOD seperated the people due to Babel.

    2. Each religion has a God, it’s the same God but with different names. Only a fool will consider that hes Good is the real one.

      1. It’s clear that you’ve done zero research into any religion at all.

    3. Sorry, i cant somehow relate goodness to your allah that isis and other terrorist groups kill and maim for IN HIS NAME. Your allah must be bad and therefore have no goodness in him.

    1. Lol God is the source and has no need for a physical body..
      Also if source did want a physical body I’m sure Ether would choose to be a woman 🙂

  2. Theory of nature


    Magnet, electricity, and light all are pothu

    Magnet, electricity, and light all are convertible one to another

    Pothu – i took this name from tamil. its meaning is common

    I saw some common properties between to magnet, electricity, and light. so i named pothu to that common properties

    Pothu (figure 1 )

    A poles, B maiyam, C kay (figure 2)

    Poles – if is magnet south poles and north pole, if is electric positive side and negative side

    Maiyam is a energy form. – maiyam i took name from tamil language. its meaning is center

    The pothu has two forces. one – maiyam force, one more – kay force

    Maiyam force – its keep all parts pothu together or pull all parts of pothu toward to maiyam (figure 3)

    Kay force – push poles from maiyam (figure 4)
    Pothu rule lines

    A 1. kay force greater than maiyam force

    A 2. pole cannot reach the maiyam via its own kay (figure 5)

    Kudumbam – i took name from tamil. its meaning family

    Kudumbam (figure 6)

    A 3. pothu stay as kudumbam. and its try to occupy as longest kay pothu ( figure 7)

    Pinaibbu – i took this name from tamil. meaning bonding

    A 4. podhu likes maiyam pinaibbu (figure 8)

    A 5. if pothu kay reach the maiyam via its opposite kay. this process is maiyam ring (figure 9)

    A 6. maiyam ring real time

    A 7. if Pole escape from Maiyam ring. then there would be born Maiyam bimbam (new podhu without own Maiyam )

    A 8. pothu has no mass

    A 9. Maiyam Ring will lock only if there is any target


    B 1. Magnet pothu-kay cannot cross out of magnet. magnetic poles cannot go inside because kay force. so magnetic poles stay out of magnet at high pressure (figure 10)

    B 2. Reason for magnetic attraction – magnet poles released those pressure at magnetic pole swimmable material ( figure 11)

    B 3. Reason for repulsion
    Magnets same poles cannot penetrate each other. so we push poles toward to against kay force. hence we realise kay-forces as repel force (figure 12)

    B 4. Magnetic pole- impermeability material not exist


    According To Electric Positive And Negative Are Poles – Actually Energy Is Maiyam

    Electric displacement possible by kay-force

  3. Allah exists and He is No bearded man , He is No man at all. HE does not resemble a man and we were definitely not created in His image. Whether someone chooses to deny Him doesn’t matter because in death you will know the reality of God.

  4. Allah now that’s a Joke. In the Quran allah don’t have a son !! I have news God Does and His Name is Jesus , And God is( I AM ) He is the beginning and The End

    1. The *SON* of god… Let me rephrase the *SUN* of god walks on water lol… Ring a bell? Lol god dwells inside all of us.. We are a part of god and he is a part of us.. I am god and he is I ….as we all are..! the kingdom of god is inside you numbnuts.. We are immortal being, collectively split from the source.. That includes all beings from all star system throughout the forever lasting existence we call reality or the universe.. All connected and none exactly alike… Closest thing to our exact other is our perfectly exact opposite.. Ying yang permeates all and will do so for eternity… Believe in yourselves plz, have faith no that your are an infinate expression of whTever u want to be, and no you are god as he is you and accomplish anything you want or need to, all you n÷eed is to believe or ” have faith as big as a mustard seed, and ye can move mountains” look inside yourself and realize or become aware that u are here, ALIVE! Isnt that proof enough for u to realize that u are eternal wheather or not a made up being created by mad murderers says u have the right to be or not… A beautiful book and sum very loving teachings but cmon guys, u always were, are now, and will always be… We are the alpha and omega, the one who dwells within!

      1. Very good question. the faith in Christianity is like, having no reason rather very good reasons to contrast the claim, but to still believe in what is written in Bible. A God having a son, is a very absurd idea. The idea crept in Christianity from Roman myths. The faith of Holy Jesus was normalized by two adjustments.
        One adjustment was of Roman myths, God having wife & children.
        second pagans of Europe.
        Those early day bishops thought it as a way for masses to adopt Christianity & it worked.
        Now is the time to take it out for the same reason.

        1. By standards set by men, the idea of God having a child is absurd since that means there is a woman in the equation. Man essentially wrote women out of religion because that would set a presence of power held by females… which would give women a voice, an idea that they are equal with men. Men did not want to share that equality. There is a Goddess, a Holy Mother that is not recognized by man because most earthly religions writings are composed, edited and translated by man.

  5. How ( I AM ) proves that God had a son?
    And he got his own son killed who didn’t want to die. Who told us God need blood of his own son to forgive, what a nonsense. If u want to forgive just forgive. What a total illogical crap Paul created.

  6. Let’s put all religious and philosophical connotations aside. Ever since I was young, the universe and all of its wonder revealed more divinity than any human philosophical axioms known. Also, we have recently touched the surface of what modern cosmologists would refer to a multiverse. This multiverse consist of a countless array of universes, all with its own natural laws of physics. Then I came to discover the meta-verse and the meaning behind it. For example, any universe including ours would be equivalent to an atom or subatomic particle to the existence and livelihood of the meta-verse…this scale could repeat itself on and on. Also, multiple dimensions of every scale from the tiniest of the microcosm to the largest of the Macrocosm are all united into a single point. This is my elementary conception of what divinity, God, Allah or any other name we assign to this supreme deity.

    1. You’re so much kinder than I. You call it “human philosophical axioms”. I call it “pure superstition”.

  7. No we all have a aura a magnetic feild the magnetic feild of our body is gravity and the electromagnetic forces of the solar system is a conscous energy that is refered to as god our father

  8. I can catch Kaku’s thought.He induced god by super symmetry ,but what he said god is,i can catch it by simple calculation of my formulae.
    God is the ratio of 4times pi square radius to times gravity and angle of tangent.

  9. To quote from sections of a couple of posts of mine from a blog dedicated to Monarchy:

    “always had a very sympathetic outlook on Monarchy I actually *DID* vote for who I saw as the better option for President, but in my heart-of-hearts, I’ve always been an Eclectic Pagan Pan-Monarchist!!

    Speaking of Eclectic Paganism/Judaism, well:, (it has a section on reincarnation in Judaism, & in the spirit of inclusiveness, I’ve gone ahead, & linked to the entire page)!!,,,


    I could probably pull up others, but that should do for now!!

    If the Divine is BOTH infinite, as well as all-powerful, then it should by that very definition be willing & able to manifest in different manifestation(s)/incarnation(s)/form(s), even @the same time, have more than 1 offspring, & create an infinite am other worlds/universes/timelines/realms/realities/dimensions, etc. & now that I’ve mentioned that last point:






    Here’s the URL for the article that I posted in:

  10. I realize that the government aspect isn’t directly related to this subject, but it is indirectly related to it via the subject(‘s) of my comments!!

  11. How can God have a Son? It’s simple: By being a Father. Everyone knows that.

    1. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit

      Deity talked among themselves and said “Let us make man in our image, after our kind…”

  12. That’s a nice theory. Would be interesting, if God really exist, that he really created all of this science. Imagine the intelligence you posses if you can do all of this. The title is misleading..

  13. In which universe is MICHIO one of the most respected theoretical physicist? Seriously… He is a famous physicists only because he always accepts invitations from any tv show to talk about esoteric subjects. He is a good physicist, but he is not even close to be a respected physicists.

  14. I’m no intellect… what I do know is as I look around I see my friends, family, people and the environment. When I close my eyes I feel it all. I call it being and it’s one thing.

  15. Jeebus! Kaku didn’t prove god, he used it as a metaphor for a 12 dimensional universe. Fundamentalists hijacked it and are now claiming he claims to have found evidence for god. LMAO!


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