NASA Will Pay You 18000 For Just Staying In Bed And Playing Games For 70 Straight Days

One of the biggest transitions in policy history is the idea and legalization of marijuana. It was still stirred much controversy, because there are still many unclear concepts about marijuana that people do not know about. The studies have repeatedly been inconsistent with some saying that it can cause cancer, but then also says it is good for people who are suffering from painful conditions with cancer. It is also indicated that those who smoke weed are also more likely to be more simple-minded in that it is believed that marijuana smoke causes brain cells to slowly be killed overtime. This, however, has also dealt with the issue of inconsistent studies, which could in part be due to the overall feelings of the person making the research. People have the tendency to create studies that simply only align with what they believe in. 

Despite all of this controversy and uncertainty about marijuana, NASA has taken a seemingly supportive role towards marijuana usage and instead are offering willing participants to work with them in one of a unique projects that have probably ever existed. NASA will pay people to smoke weed for 70 days. NASA has called this project a Rest Study and is willing to pay a nice amount of money for those who think they can take on the unique project. The next question is how much is NASA willing to pay for a project that is as simple as smoking weed? The offer is an astonishing $18.000 for 70 days of smoking weed for a project.

During this time with the NASA team, participants are allowed to read books, talk on Skype, play games and obviously smoke weed. The only stipulation is that the participant must remain in the bed at all times. The participant will make about 1200 per week which is a pretty fine amount of money per week. Over a year that is about a 55,000 dollar job before taxes, which is an amazingly high amount and well above the average. The next step is what the point of this research could be. Well NASA would like to find out how marijuana affects someone during an environment that is as calm as doing what someone wants to do.

Despite these unique circumstances, NASA would like to find out participating in such a project can help figure out missions for astronauts in the future. Also they would like to find out how astronauts can battle physiological distress during their time in space by going through with this project. Two groups were created for this and they were divided into two groups: exercising and non-exercising groups. During the first few weeks the teams can move, but after that they are then bound to their beds.

Movement out of the bed is also allowed for tests that involve heart monitoring and blood pressure tests. The test sounds like it would be worth the money, however nearly three months in bed can cause many sicknesses and sometimes even death. A lack of movement for individuals is not a healthy method of handling one’s life. Constant sitting and resting is also not healthy, so participate at one’s own risk.


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