NASA Live Feed Cut AGAIN As 6 Large ‘UFOs’ Creep Past ISS

Six unidentified flying objects have been spotted by UFO researchers on NASA’s live feed of the view from space from the International Space Station. Of course, this is not the first time that UFOs have appeared on this live stream but in this case, the details are even stranger than usual. 

This video captures the incident in question which was captured by the American space agency. In the footage, six UFOs can clearly be seen moving in formation across the field of vision of the camera. In the past, UFO researchers have only been able to see one UFO passing in the general vicinity of the International Space Station which makes this a highly unusual occurrence.

According to Tyler from SecureTeam, this incident is a hugely significant UFO sighting. In addition to the large numbers of UFOs that were in such close vicinity to the International Space Station, they were also of a much larger size than the objects which are viewed on NASA’s live feed of this particular region of space. He said that NASA’s fall back excuse of ‘ice particles’ would seem even more absurd in the current context. “We must be looking at icebergs, ” he commented sarcastically.

Whether NASA plan to trot out the old line about ice particles in proximity to the camera is yet unknown. They have not yet released a public statement about the bizarre footage, but the space agency is coming under increased pressure to explain to the public exactly what is going on in the area surrounding the International Space Station. NASA’s decision to cut the live transmission feed following the excursion of the UFO fleet so close to the International Space Station has heightened public suspicion that it is incredibly likely that the unusual flying crafts are of an extra-terrestrial providence.


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