Mysterious Satellite Lost For 50 Years Recently Began Transmitting Strange Alien Signals

It’s amazing how many spacecrafts, rockets and satellites we have sent to space and the number of launches keeps increasing with the ever growing technological development. 

Satellites are a crucial tool for transmitting important signals throughout Earth. Branching into several areas such as: Television, communication, navigation, weather, business, etc.

But one of the most interesting functions of certain satellites is space science, which has helped scientists understand more about universe over the years, with the study of blackholes and all the mysterious cosmic phenomena.

But some satellites can go rogue and disappear for a long time.

Recently, the LES1 which has been missing for around 50 years, has mysteriously began to transmit strange signals. Some people think the satellite was hijacked by an alien civilization that went on to transmit signals in order to establish contact with humanity.

The LES1 satellite was built in MIT in 1965.

Watch the following video to know more! /SOURCE

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