Mysterious Longyou Caves Were Built Using Ancient Annunaki Machinery

The ancient world has probably some of the most impressive architecture ever built by humans, considering the primitive era they lived in. Or perhaps it was not as primitive as we think!
There’s some evidence that many temples, buildings and caves were constructed in a very complex manner, with the kind of precision we would expect from an advanced piece of machinery.
We can speculate that most of these mysterious structures were not only man made, but also with the assistence of a super intelligent and advanced civilization, perhaps of extraterrestrial origin.
When speaking of an extraterrestrial race aiding humans in the past, we immediately think of the ancient god beings called the “Annunaki”, which are mentioned in thousand year old texts and perhaps the culprits of many of our world’s mysterious ancient structures.
One of these fascinating structures can be found in the Longyou Caves, China. It’s a mystery to this day on how such a massive underground complex was made, and there are no records regarding the construction and purpose of these caves, and the chinese were very committed to leave records of pretty much anything.
Watch the following video to know more!

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