Hundreds Of Giant Spherical Ufos Just Spotted At Our Sun

Over the last years, many crafts have been seen near the sun. Recently, something amazing was captured on camera by YouTube user UFOvni2012 on his SONY FDR-AXP33 camera, 500 to 1,000 sphere-shaped UFOs moving back and forth and approaching the sun.

Despite the damage that could have been done to his camera by taking these pictures, he successfully captured the enormous UFOs moving at the speed of light from place to place, pausing, and then moving in another direction. These photographs were around the sun’s corona only, so it is possible there could be more of these UFOs around other areas of the sun.


Several explanations have been given for the presence of these UFOs. Some people have suggested that the UFOs are attempting to use the sun as some entry point. Possibly the crafts are collecting elements from the stars, and the UFOs are battling over them. We do not have sufficient knowledge of the universe to fully understand the presence of these UFOs. We do not even fully understand what is at the bottom of our oceans, so how could we know why they are approaching our “local star”?


Many articles have been posted about the presence of large UFOs near the sun, but NASA has never either dismissed or confirmed these findings. The method of travel of these ETs through space must be beyond our comprehension. They could be coming from the sun, or perhaps they were previous part of something much larger. NASA must confirm these findings, but even though it is the leading space agency in the world, it is not the most reliable.

It has been conjectured that the UFOs are trying to drain the sun of something and that is why they are in close proximity to it. This explanation was based on a video that was recorded of a sphere draining the sun. This video can be seen below: /SOURCE

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