Has Nasa Discovered An Annunaki Statue On Mars

Another discovery extremely mysterious has apparently been done on the surface of the Red Planet. According to hunters of UFO, what seems to be a leader of a mysterious statue has been seen in one of the images taken by the rover Curiosity is currently exploring the red planet.
Previously, the curiosity of the NASA rover and its complement on Mars, Opportunity, have taken a number of images really strange on Mars. Domes of SEE on Mars for a statue and what seems to be the whole structures buried under the surface of the Red Planet, we have seen countless mysterious images of our neighboring planet who defy the explanation.
Although several of the findings on Mars can be dismissed easily enough, there are a few conclusions that defy any logical explanation. It is the case of the image that we can see in this Article, an image which seems-t-it defies all explanations and resembles an old Sumerian statue often seen in the ancient Mesopotamia on Earth.
In the mysterious, the image of ufologists believe that we can clearly distinguish the face of the statue, two eyes, nose, mouth and Beard in the form of typical cone we see in almost all the old Sumerian statues on our planet.
 The theorists of the ancient astronaut believe that the Anunnaki colonized the two Mars and the Earth, and this belief could be supported by the fact that the Sumerians had a number of myths about Mars, including that the colonized Anunnaki Mars and used the red planet as a “pit stop” for the earth. Therefore, if these “gods” who came from the sky, actually did colonize Mars in the past, is it possible that we have today can find evidence of structures on the red planet? Like the pyramids, columns, statues, etc..
If the Anounnaki were on Mars, it is inevitable that we have today to find evidence of their civilization on the red planet. What we know for sure is that in almost every image returned by the NASA’s rovers Explore the Red Planet, a strange structure is identified. Some may say that it is in our nature to imagine forms and forms, but there are just a few images that have objects that nobody can explain, one of them is the image seen in this Article, the researchers have identified several references in the cuneiform tablets that are believed to be the records of the Anunnaki mysterious and according to the researchers, there is the evidence in these tablets that the Anounnaki have History On Mars.

According to the modern translation of the Sumerian and Babylonian myths of origin, a cataclysmic event has not, in fact, occur on the Red Planet, an event which seems very similar to the old myths Meso American about a feathered serpent that has ravaged the planet Mars. A comet or asteroid crashed on the red planet and has provoked a chain of catastrophic events that have turned in Mars a livable world and isolated.
Is it possible that this time, the rover Curiosity has actually found a mysterious statue on the surface of Mars? And is it possible that this strange statue, in which we can easily make the eyes, nose, mouth and a beard in the shape of a cone has a kind of mysterious link of the ancient ANNUNAKI and ancient Sumer?
While many remain skeptical about this discovery and many others who have been made on Mars, there is enough evidence to support the theory that Mars was habitable and inhabited in the distant past. The discovery of an ancient people of the Martian atmosphere, liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars today, the peaks of methane and nitrogen biologically useful all point to the possibility that Mars has a past which is mysteriously connected to life on Earth.

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