FASCINATING: Cavemen Painted Like Artist Van Gogh In Stunning Discovery!

Art is a form of expression that is subjective in nature. There are many different kinds of art such as sculpting and painting. Painting is divided into numerous different styles and techniques. Many of these techniques were pioneered by famous artists from antiquity. We have from abstract to realism and modern artists use and mix to create other new art forms. 

But during a more pre-historic age, cavemen also had their own curious art style. We know about cave drawings done with certain pigments where they painted the walls with shapes resembling animals and the like.

Something quite interesting is the recently discovered cave paintings in Vézère valley, France, that show art in the form of pointilism. Art historians thought that the art style was firstly developed in the 19th century, but it turns out it’s much older than that.

Pointilism is a painting technique which uses dots.


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