Did Martian Refugees Settle in Antarctica over a Million Years Ago?

The beauty and mysteries of Antarctica are not only tied to its expansive, icy landscapes, but there is much more than most imagine. Many imagine that Antarctica is an uninhabitable, unoccupied continent. According to a conspiracy theory, this would not be true.

The remote viewing of Mars revealed in May 22, 1984, CIA document gives details of a planet-wide-catastrophe that led to many refugees leaving in spacecraft to safer locations over a million years ago.

This leads to the intriguing possibility that a flash-frozen civilization recently found in Antarctica with cannibalized spacecraft nearby was the remnants of a colony originally established by Martian refugees.

One day the truth will come out, but we do not know much about it. This is plausible, and this report leaves us: If there is the “where there is smoke, there is fire” we have the where there is fog will not only see ice. Anyway, by closing the posts today, I leave you this video below.


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