Dead Romanian Grandmother Sends Selfie From ‘The Other Side’ To Her Family

A Woman Claims Her Deceased Grandmother’s Spirit ‘Took Selfie to Send Family Help Message From Other Side’.

Terribly frightened 34-year-old Gina Mihai, of Romania, is convinced that her dead grandmother’s ghost is speaking from beyond the grave and requesting that her family sends prayers her way.

Terror-stricken, Gina Mihai said her deceased grandmother had a snake wrapped around her neck in an image she claims to have been taken by the grandma posthumously. Convincing the woman of her ghostly admission further, a fortune teller told Gina Mihai that the picture was indeed a message from another dimension.

Gina Mihai is positive that the ghost of her grandmother is calling out with an urgent instruction for help. Crazed Romanians have been bombarding churches to pray for Gina after it was told to her that she was being punished ‘in the other life’ for her sins by a fortune teller.


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