Cuicuilco, the oldest pyramid in the world?

This pyramid is located on the outskirts of Mexico City and some researches believe that this pyramid, is the oldest pyramid on the planet. Cuicuilco was discovered in the 1920’s by archaeologist Manuel Gamio by noticing a strange formation on a natural hill. 

Cuicuilco is an archaeological site near Texcoco Lake in the valley of Mexico. The pyramid has a height of 18 meters by 20 meters in diameter, its original height would be about 20 meters.

Cuicuilco is divided into two areas: Cuicuilco A where the ceremonial center is located, and Cuicuilco B, the west of the first, located in the Olympic City complex. The first exhaustive excavations at this site occurred in 1922.

The area in which Cuicuilco is located is covered by a lava field, with about 80 km² of surface, and 10 meters of depth in some places, called Pedregal de San Ángel. If on the one hand this cover made possible the preservation of the old city, on the other hand, the difficulty of excavating through this cover has limited the archaeological works so far carried out.


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