Consciousness Moves To Another State After Death, Confirms New Quantum Theory

The concept of life after death is a mainstay of most major world religions. But while theological debates about the existence of a soul and an afterlife are commonplace, scientific theories of the afterlife are much more unusual. This is exactly why the new book by the acclaimed scientist Dr. Robert Lanza, ‘Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the Universe’ is causing such a stir. 


Dr. Lanza made his named as the head of the Advanced Cell Technology Company which deals with stem cell experimentation. Dr. Lanza used his knowledge of stem cells to develop the foundations of the technology that he hopes will help to forestall the extinction of endangered animals. But Dr. Lanza’s accomplishments do not end there. He also has another string to his bow in the form of his extraordinary work in the fascinating fields of quantum mechanics and astrophysics.

One of the primary theories that underpin quantum physics is the concept of biocentrism. This essentially means that consciousness is not merely reactive to the whims of the universe but rather createas and manipulates the material world. Dr. Lanza explains that if we hold this presumption to be true, then it means that space and time are not real entities. Instead, they are mere constructs that human beings cling to “like turtles with shells” to help them make sense of the world around them. Similarly, the physical body is a construction which is used to help navigate the world, but it is not a real entity. As the physical body is so central to what is construed as the human experience, then it is natural to assume that everything ceases once the body is destroyed. However, Dr. Lanza suggests that this may well not be the case. While the body is local, there is no evidence to suggest that consciousness is as well. This means that the consciousness of individual humans is likely to continue to exist after the physical body perishes.

So if consciousness lives on after the death of the physical body what happens to it? The answer to this question ties into another pinnacle principle of quantum physics. In the material world, atoms behave in rather predictable ways adhering to Einstein’s theory of relativity. However, at the sub-atomic level, these laws no longer seem to apply, and particles suddenly appear to exist simultaneously in more than one place suggesting that there are alternate universes. Dr. Lanza suggests that this might mean that consciousness relocates to another universe (or dimension) after the destruction of the physical body.

Dr. Lanza’s description of consciousness moving between different dimensions and living on throughout eternity certainly suggests that the concept theologians refer to as the ‘soul’ might have some compelling foundations in theoretical physics. Indeed, after Dr. Lanza’s work, it certainly seems as though the concept of and debate about eternal life will never solely lie with religious figures again.


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