Chronovisor, The Secret Time Machine Of The Vatican

The Vatican was accused of hiding many things. Now, it’s being accused of hiding a time machine. The machine in question is called a “Chronovisor” and was built in the 1950s by a Benedictine monk named Father Pellegrino Ernetti.


Father Marcello Pellegrino Maria Ernetti stated that he watched Christ dying on the cross, and attended a performance of a previously unknown play by the Roman playwright Quintus Ennius. It includes an appendix with the Latin text of the Ernetti Thyestes fragment, reputed to be an excerpt from a lost play by Quintus Ennius.

The alleged existence of the chronovisor has fueled a whole series of conspiracy theories,[who?] such as that the device was seized and is actually used by the Vatican or by those who secretly control governments and their economies all around the world

Ernetti died in 1994 without revealing the secret of the Chronovisor but Chambers says evidence is mounting that the Catholic Church is hiding a working model from the rest of the world, supposedly to keep it from getting into evil hands.

Sound crazy? Maybe, but there may be something to it.


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