Amazing CIA Reveals They Made Contact With Shadow People From Mars

The CIA, also known as “Central Intelligence Agency”, holds some of the most desired secrets that conspiracists thirst for.
The amount of declassified data that has been coming out in recent years are sacred gems for the world of paranormal enthusiasts, with all the evidence of powerful mysterious forces working behind our backs.
We have documents that speak of large scale psychic experiments such as the “Stargate project”, founded in 1978 during the Cold War, numerous accounts of UFO and Alien sightings, and several other oddities.
 Another curious case dated back in 1984 that tells of a clairvoyant that saw tall shadow people inhabiting Mars. Along with the countless alien entities, he also saw long stretching roads, numerous obelisks and pyramid like structures creating a large and vast network.
The psychic even spoke with these shadow people, which revealed some sad truths about the ancient Martian people.
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  1. Vcs deveriam traduzir os vídeos ou legenda em português porque muitos não falam em inglês grato pela atenção

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