Alien Abductee Draws Exact Star Map Of The Alien’s Home Constellation: Zeta Reticuli

Claims of having been abducted by extraterrestrials are often scoffed at due to the lack of evidence presented. However, some claims of alien abduction do involve actual evidence of the abductee’s claims. 

In the early 1960s, a woman who claimed to have experienced an alien abduction drew a map of a star system and showed it to scientists. The claim was dismissed, as the star system was said by scientists to look nothing like any group of stars that had ever been observed.


Modern astronomers, however, would disagree that the constellation does not exist. The constellation that Betty Hill described in the 1960s has been proven to exist. Could this be a mere coincidence? Could a similar group of stars have been discovered at some point in the last six decades by chance? One statistician disagrees. The odds of a constellation being discovered that so closely resembled what she described was judged to be extremely low. Could the woman have actually been abducted by an extraterrestrial civilization?

The woman claims that she and her husband witnessed a strange flying vehicle floating above them in 1961. As the craft moved closer, it became possible to observe the human-like beings that were inside of the craft. This was followed by a period of missing time, in which they did not remember what actually occurred during the abduction. Hypnosis was able to recover the missing memories.

She was taken into one room and her husband into another, after which the two of them were anatomically examined. The aliens seemed to bear no ill will to humankind. The couple was not put through painful or terrifying experiments. Nonetheless, the two of them did experience some psychological trauma. The woman was then shown a stellar map, including lines that showed interstellar trade routes. This became one of the most famous of all alien abduction cases. The husband’s story was similar to the wife’s story. Physical evidence, such as a compass spinning uncontrollably when brought near to the car, also added to the believability of this famous story.


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