A Global Effort Has Begun Vatican Russia China Are Preparing The World For Ufo Disclosure

Secret Files Hidden from the Public for Decades, Detailing Every UFO Account, Are Now Available to the Public.

Most people understand that there are secret projects. A smaller number of people understand that there are programs-secret, sinister. And then there is a smaller number of people who understand that some of them could be related to projects which have become independent and are evil and illegal – in connection with the complex financial world and military, industrial and laboratories that handle advanced energy systems and UFOs. 


operational that look like UFOs; They have created artificial life forms like aliens; simulated “kidnapping” people, were engaged in the mutilation of cattle to bring fear in the minds of people and subculture ufologist, subculture pop enthusiasts of SF and others – for in this way they are sowing fear in people’s consciousness.

There are people who work in projects top secret dreams of using these technologies to lead in space, like in Star Wars, pulling gusts weapons. But technology involving speeding light can not be applied to a weapon system and can not remain survivors, just as we could not survive a thermonuclear bombs.

Some of these secret projects have misinterpreted certain actions of aliens: for example, when we tried to detonate a nuclear weapon on the Moon to demonstrate USSR how hard the US, a vehicle alien and has appeared, hunt rocket and destroyed it. This could be considered evidence of alien hostility toward us, when actually they were trying to protect bases on the moon and also the sanctity of space as a peaceful place free of weapons of mass destruction.

But in terms of people who wanted detonation to take place on the moon, their frustration led to the assumption that this action constitutes evidence of extraterrestrial their hostility. These extraterrestrial civilizations just trying to prevent an immature and without control militarized civilization on Earth to escape the biosphere in space.

“It is possible for life to exist on other planets”, said the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the Jesuit priest aged 45, who is at the head of the Vatican Observatory and it is adviser to Pope Benedict XVI. According to Reuters, in an interview published on Tuesday in the Vatican newspaper, entitled “Alien is my brother,” Funes said the large number of galaxies and planets in the universe it empowers people to imagine that life has developed elsewhere “In a universe so big you can not exclude this hypothesis”.

He stressed, however, that the aliens do not represent an obstacle to faith in God: “Just as on Earth there is a multitude of creatures, some beings created by God, even intelligent, could populate other planets.

That does not contradict our faith, because we can not put limits God’s creative freedom. ”

“Why not talk about a« brother »alien?” He asked rhetorically chief astronomer. “It would be he a part of creation,” he added. Funes stressed further that the human race can even be “lost sheep” of the universe. “There could be other beings who remained fully mate with their creator,” Funes reported. In this case, they have not committed the original sin, people, and so do not need salvation.

On the other hand, if other intelligent life went astray, as the human race, the incarnation (the return to earth of Jesus, to redeem the sins of men) will help on this because ” incarnation is a totally unique event, “as Funes explained, quoted by Mediafax.

As an astronomer, he said that the most plausible theory that depicts the birth of the universe is the Big Bang but believes that even this explanation does not hinder faith in God. “God is the creator of the world. Is there a plan behind creation. We are not children of an accident. God is the creator of the universe, and we are not the product of chance, but children of a good father who has a project of love in mind for us, “said Jose Gabriel Funes, Argentine origin.

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