A Set Of Mysterious Weapons Made Of Crystal Has Been Unearthed In Spain’s Megalithic Tombs

New Age medicine and practices often make reference to the power of crystals. This trend is often treated as a modern day fad, but they actually appear to have a long history dating back to the age of antiquity.

But what did the ancient people think of crystals, and what use did they put them to? Clues to this question might lie in a haul of crystal weaponry uncovered in an ancient Spanish megalith.


An excavation of the megalithic tombs of the site at Valencina de la Concepcion in south-western Spain has uncovered a ‘remarkable set’ of crystal weapons. The weapons uncovered are described as exquisitely made and wonderfully well preserved. It is estimated that they date back to the around 3000 BC. It has been noted that the weapons are roughly the same shape as the flint arrowheads that were in common proliferation in the area during this era, but the crystal items would have required a much greater level of skill to construct.

There are no crystal mines in the nearby proximity which suggests that the creators of these objects must have traveled many hundreds of kilometers to source their material. The scarcity of crystal rock in addition to the enormous amount of craftsman the construction of the artifacts involved suggests that these were elite products. Given that the crystal weapons in a tomb, it suggests that they were used as highly sought after funerary items.

Twenty-five bodies were discovered in the megalith along with what the archaeologists described as “an extraordinary set of sumptuous grave goods…the most notable of which is an unspecified number of shrouds or clothes made of tens of thousands of perforated beads and decorated with amber beads”. Unusually, however, the crystal weapons were found in a separate chamber, so it is impossible to attribute their ownership to any single person buried in the tomb.

Historians have speculated that the crystal weapons were collectively owned by all of the bodies that were entombed in the megalith. King Alfonso X the Wise of Castile said that crystals were incredibly power objects which opened up pathways to the spiritual world and protected them from dark, dangerous forces. Therefore, it is possible that the crystal weapons were intended to sanctify the space and ensure that it was safe from potential dark forces.


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