Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO

RUSSIAN military shot down a UFO before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens, it is sensationally claimed in a declassified CIA report. 


Files describe several aspects previously classified about agency activities, including paranormal and UFO investigations The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has just made available on its website nearly 13 million pages of secret documents, making up about 930,000 previously classified files. The availability of this online material for quick reference by anyone is being salted as a very important step for researchers in recent human history. Much of this information has actually been available since the mid-1990s.

Rumors that lasted many years, where the Russians had the first contact with the gray aliens, and this fact supposedly occurred in 1942.

Now this document declassified by the cia reveals that an extraterrestrial ship was shot down by the Russians and that its extraterrestrial occupants killed some of the Russian soldiers


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