6000 Year Old Texts Speak Of Interstellar Crafts Visiting Earth!

The ancient world probably had more alien visitations than we have now. A lot of writings, paintings and sculptures give some proof of extra terrestrial contact thousands of years ago.

Many cultures recorded stories and legends with supernatural twists to them, but modern scholars have interpreted some of these tales as encounters with beings from other distant celestial bodies.

They are described as Godly beings with a powerful aura and appealing to the eye. The aircrafts they used to travel were mysterious and complex to understand.

In India we can find some of the most interesting texts that speak of these “Godly” beings visiting Earth and tells us how their flying machines worked.

The book Vaimanika Shastra, has some fascinating detail on ancient super advanced technology that existed as far as 6000 years ago. We can read about vehicles that are controlled with the mind, gravity manipulation, etc.

Watch the following video to know more!


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