200,000-Year-Old Underwater City Discovered Close To The Bermuda Triangle

Scientists believe to have discovered Atlantis. After analyzing samples from a submerged complex, scientists are astonished. A huge underwater city near Cuba was discovered by marine engineer Pauline Zalitzki, and her husband, Paul Weinzweig. 

According to Manuel Iturralde, a marine geologist, said it must have taken around 50,000 years for the city to have sunken this far. The complex is estimated to be 200,000 years old. No culture that old is known to have the capabilities to build such structures.

Now the question is who build this huge complex. Maybe it was an ancient unknown civilization that came to an end when the city was taken over by the ocean.

Professor of Oceanography Dr. Robert Ballard has a different opinion. He believes that the structures are from an extraterrestrial civilization, he was quoted as saying, “That’s too deep, I’d be surprised if it were human. You have to ask yourself, how did it get there?”

Another theory to the sunken city is that the city was indeed the Atlantis Plato was talking about. According to Plato, the city was destroyed by violent earthquakes and floods. The land under the city could have sunken due to the natural disasters.

But it is hard to believe that those structures would have survived such a natural disaster. A new theory came about not too long ago. When looking at a map of the Caribbean’s it is clear to see how the Caribbean’s are like a barrier for the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. It is possible that many years ago the islands weren’t islands and the sea wasn’t a sea. The islands could have been high enough to form a complete barrier leaving the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea as a dry valley. No matter the real story, it can only be an interesting one.


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