The Truth About The Third Secret Of Fatima And Why The Vatican Covered It Up

A miraculous incident occurred on the 13th of October 1917 in Fatima, Portugal. The incident which was predicted by around 70,000 people was so real that even self-professed unbelievers were converted and an inquisitive press acknowledge the authenticity of the event. According to newspaper reports, the sun danced in broad daylight in Fatima. 

Three secrets were revealed to the inhabitants of Fatima. The vision of hell, the prophecies about the second World War and the coming of communism, and finally another secret to be revealed in the mid-1900s.

Seventy- seven years (1994) after the miraculous experience in Fatima, a French priest known as Raymond Arnette heard a strange voice while listening to a musical CD. The voice allegedly said that the church would bleed from all her injuries.

The voice said that an incident would occur in the church that will cause many to lose their faith. The confusion will be so much that it will lead to a power tussle. It went on to say that several abominations will happen that will make it impossible for the Lord to withhold his arm of punishment from the Church. It concluded by saying that even the courageous Christians will be fazed by this occurrence.

Many are speculating Arnette’s experience to be the third secret. Some of the revelations bear resemblance to some occurrences in the catholic world. The text also suggests that the Church of Vatican II are not Roman Catholic Shepherds.

In 2004, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger admitted that the text of Arnette’s encounter could be the third secret that was spoken of in Fatima. Tongues have been waging as to why the Vatican refused to release this critical information to the public. The pope think that these revelations could undermine the credibility of the Vatican church? My guess is as good as yours. /SOURCE

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