The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned

It ‘s been three years now since Pope Benedict the XVI shocked the world with his resignation. The former pope became the first pope to resign in 600 years. Though Pope Benedict’s resignation letter cited his mental state and his waning physical health as the reasons for his resignation, some videos have since circulated stating the actual reasons for his resignation.


After Pope Benedict’s resignation the Catholic Church which has millions of followers around the globe shifted its attention to finding his successor. Over the years the hierarchy of the Catholic Church which is supposed to set an example for the world has been embroiled in controversies.

The video report claims that Pope Benedict resigned because of an allegation of corruption, hypocrisy and sexual scandal. In fact, he left the Vatican city with a divided leadership. The 120-minute long video available on Youtube went into more details of each allegation and captured people’s responses to the incident. It is truly informative.

The Vatican City is an independent state that is encircled by Italy. The 100 acres city has the pope as its head. The Vatican City operates as a country, they print their euros, issue passports, and license plates, and own a flag. The citizenship of the Vatican isn’t perpetual-it is taken away from you ones you move away from the Vatican or stop serving in the church. The countries revenue comes from tourism and contributions.

Cardinal Arinze who was in the running to take over from Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 told the BBC that there are some corrupt practices one sees in the Vatican City but you are encouraged to look away.

It is ironic that the Catholic Church who should exude uprightness and the pope – a symbol of holiness were embroiled is these scandals. No one is perfect!

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