Mysterious Box Contains Detailed Drawings Of Winged Aliens Wwii Vet Presumed Owner

A box has been found containing detailed drawings of alien beings, an unidentified flying object, and transcripts exploring the link between alien encounters and ancient religions. A user on the social media platform Imgur posted a series of photos showing the contents of an old wooden box, roughly 29 inches by 38 inches, that his friend found in the garbage.

The musty box contains clues, but also raises many questions, it’s a mystery. It appears to have belonged to a man named Daniel J. Christainsen who lived in Florida but was a native of the Netherlands.

He may have been a WWII veteran, the box contained a blank paper with the Veterans Administration Medical Center header.

I hope you enjoy as much as I have looking at the mysterious drawings of Daniel Christiansen. Whatever happened that day at Tampa Bay, apparently changed him forever. Please let me know what you think in a comment down below. /SOURCE

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