Do Aliens Exist? Three Prominent Alien Types Exposed

Three Types of Aliens Reported

While we don’t actually know if aliens exist, reports by abductees have generated enough physical descriptions and details of characteristics regarding these alien beings that over time, it has become clear that there were three different types, so names were given to each type in order to categorize and simplify the discussion.

The main kinds of aliens that most people speak of today are the Greys, the Reptilians, and the Nordics.

The Grey Alien


Grey Aliens: A Description

The Greys

The most well-known of alien types, the grey alien is typically described as being a very thin being with an oversized head (compared to its body size). They stand 3 ½ to 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds.

Hollywood and science fiction novels have done a very good job of portraying the Grey’s appearance: a large, bulbous forehead with bulging, unblinking eyes. Its skin is pale gray and wrinkly. Those who have encountered this type of alien characterize their skin as having the texture of an ocean mammal, like a dolphin or a whale. There are no ears or indentations on the sides of the head where we expect something that allows for hearing to be located. Some accounts have described them as having three or four webbed fingers, and similarly webbed feet.

The Grey’s primary method of communication seems to be through telepathy. Alien encounter stories indicate that most people could hear them speaking in their mind, that there was a sense of knowing what the Grey was communicating, although no sound was coming from the alien’s mouth.

Star Map of Greys’ Possible Origin

Under hypnosis, Betty Hill sketched this star map of what she had seen.
Under hypnosis, Betty Hill sketched this star map of what she had seen.

Origin of the Greys

Theories about where the Greys came from are based on a star map drawn by Betty Hill, who was reportedly abducted by Greys and then later, under hypnosis, drew a map of what she had seen. After analyzing this information, UFO researcher Marjorie Fish hypothesized that the Grey aliens’ homebase is a pair of stars about 220 trillion miles away from earth known as Zeta Reticuli. Based on this theory, Greys are sometimes called the Zeta Reticulans or Zeta Reticuli aliens.

Where Grey Aliens Come From

Star map of Zeta Reticuli, according to Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish
Star map of Zeta Reticuli, according to Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish | Source

The Grey Alien Agenda

Based on abductee reports, for the most part, the Greys seem to be scientific observers interested in the study of other life forms in the universe. They perform tests and medical evaluations upon their human subjects and then free them.

From various encounter stories, it has also been postulated that the Grey alien race is dying due to the fact that they were originally cloned by another race of aliens called the Reptilians. The Reptilians apparently created the Greys and forced them into servitude, that is until the Grey aliens formed a rebellion and escaped to wander the universe, thus finding their way to planet Earth. Conspiracy theorists also believe that the Greys were the ones originally found in Roswell, New Mexico, and that this species made an agreement with the U.S. government. They offered advanced technology in exchange for the ability to be able to experiment with human subjects through genetic engineering to prevent the extinction of their race. This theory explains why the majority of alien encounter stories are usually about the Grey alien race.

The Reptilians

There are numerous theories about another race of aliens known as the Reptilians: One is that the Reptilian race comes from the constellation of Draco, while another posits that ancient astronauts seeded Earth with Reptilian aliens, which explains why there has been a subset of the species dwelling here since prehistoric times.

Reptilian Alien


Reptilian Aliens: A Description

Only about 20% of alien abductees describe Reptilian encounters, but according to some of these reports, Earth-dwelling Reptilian beings (or Reptoids) are humanoid and stand about six to nine feet tall. Their human-like body is very muscular, with long arms and legs, and three long fingers and one thumb on each hand. Their skin has dark green or brown scales. According to some reports, they also have tails.

The Earth’s Reptoid’s facial features differ somewhat from the typical, more widely-known Grey alien’s. With a slightly cone-like head, they appear to have bony ridges that begin at the forehead and continue all the way down the back of the skull. There are slits in the nasal area, presumably for breathing, as well as slits where you would expect ears to be found. There are also two different descriptions of eyes—both say the eyes are large, however some say they are black with vertically-slitted pupils (think lizards and snakes), while others describe white eyes with flaming slits for pupils.

The alien Reptilian alleged to originate from Draco differs from the Reptoid, its Earth-dwelling relative. While their height is also between six and nine feet, this alien species also has wings that span six to seven feet made of bone covered with scales. Their body structure is similar to that of the Earth Reptilian, except they have been seen with horns on their head that sometimes continue along the length of the spine. Certainly, this description could easily fit the myths about dragons and winged gods found in ancient Chinese, Greek, and Indian texts.

Four dragon kings: Ao Ch'in, Ao Jun, Ao Kuang and Ao Shun.
Four dragon kings: Ao Ch’in, Ao Jun, Ao Kuang and Ao Shun. | Source

Ancient Texts About Reptilians: Chinese, Greek, and Indian

Chinese: In Chinese mythology, dragons had the ability to shape shift into human form. Their kings were the dragon rulers of the four seas—north, south, east, and west—who, just as in stories about Reptilians, would attack the people without provocation. Temples of honor were built to appease these kings.

Cecrops I

Greek: The first king of Athens was Cecrops I, who many said was half snake. In the Pergamum temple, images of men with the legs of serpents are prevalent. The Greek god of the north wind was Boreas, and he was described as having wings and legs made of serpents.

A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple.
A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple. | Source

India: Indian scriptures cite the legend of the Naga who were a reptilian people living underground and communicating with humans. They also referred to them as the Sarpa.

The Reptilian Agenda

People who claim to have been abducted by Reptilians claim that this alien type uses fear and force to coerce and intimidate their human captives. Conspiracy theories abound that the Reptilian is a malevolent group seeking dominion over not only our world, but other worlds all around the universe and that they cloned Grey aliens as a slave race and now plan to do the same to humans. Believers in this theory claim that the Reptilians live in the 3rd, 4th and 5th universal dimensions, feed on negative energy, and attempt to cause conflict in our world.

David Icke, a British writer, believes that Reptilians have interbred with humans to form a sort of “elite” class that is now in power and has infiltrated all governments, businesses, banking, and even royal families. These alien-humans are apparently able to shape-shift to hide their true identity. Their agenda is to take over the planet by causing worldwide conflict so as to feed off the negative energy supplied by human misery and occupation as well as to corrupt humanity with their evil intentions. The Earth-dwelling Reptoids supposedly dwell deep underground and in caves and work toward interrupting the Draco Reptilian’s evil agenda to take over this world.

Nordic Alien

The Nordic (a.k.a. Blonde) Aliens

Described as humanoid extraterrestrials, the Nordics, also called Blondes, have a very human-like appearance and stand anywhere from 5½ to 7 feet tall.

Nordic Alien Description

In every relevant abductee account, the Nordics always have blonde hair with light eyes. The most typical shade of eye color described is blue, however reports have also described violet, pink, red, purple, and green eyes. Known to be in great physical shape and extremely attractive to humans, Nordics can easily pass for human when seen from a distance. They communicate with telepathy and telekinesis.

The Nordic Agenda

Nordics are silent watchers of Earth, and their purpose is to enlighten by providing spiritual revelation and warn humans about behaviors that could potentially lead to catastrophe, including issues surrounding actions by the Grey aliens and Reptilians. Some proponents say that ideas within the New Age movement were given to us by the Nordics.

Origin of the Nordics

The Nordics come from the Pleiades star cluster some 400 light years from Earth. Some of the first stories about these aliens came from Billy Meier of Switzerland, who claims he had several visits with them beginning in the 1940s. The majority of his information came from discussions with a female Pleiadian named Samjese in the late 1970s and early 1980s. According to his story, their home planet is called Erra, which is in a different dimension than ours. They are an ancient humanoid race that discovered our planet around 225,000 B.C.


Certainly, the information about all these alien beings—Greys, Reptilians, and Nordics—seems like exciting reading from a good sci-fi novel!

Those who have encountered these beings seem very reliable in their testimonies about their experiences. Many come from what you would call normal backgrounds with good families, education, work, and normal physical and mental medical histories. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people who have claimed to have had some sort of alien abduction encounter or UFO experience, so we can’t simply discount their stories as untrue.

The idea that unknown aliens visit us here on Earth, communicating and abducting us, seems far-fetched to some and exciting for others. Bringing clarity and understanding to the situation will help us all in our quest to know just what is happening in our world and answering the timeless question, do aliens really exist?

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