Anunnaki Aliens vs Grey Aliens (Video)

Many people ask if the “Anunnaki” were actually “Grey Aliens”, and if not, what the difference between the races is. Many UFO and Extraterrestrial researchers and scholars seem to be in agreement that the Anunnaki Aliens are indeed a different race than the more current “Grey Alien” species sightings and documentation.

Anunnaki Aliens

The Anunnaki Alien Race are believed to be the creators of current man on Earth through genetic manipulation and mixing with their genes. The ancient depictions of the Anunnaki are often similar cross cultures and are considerably larger in stature than the Greys.

Their first descendants on Earth are often referred to as the Nephilim in historical documents including the Bible. Although many believe the Anunnaki still actively monitor Earth and their ancestors, very few Anunnaki sightings are common in more recent times. Some believe that the Anunnaki come from Planet Nibiru.

Grey Aliens

The Grey Alien Race is often described as Extra Dimensional beings and some believe have been present in our solar system only due to the Anunnaki not being here as actively. However there have been “Grey-like” depictions of aliens found in ancient cave drawings in various cultures which could be evidence of Grey visitation in ancient times as well.

Area 51 aliens are believed to be Grey Aliens. Most recent eyewitness accounts seem to describe the Greys as small in stature with large heads and eyes as is depicted often in popular culture.

Below is compilation of photos and drawings from Ancient times to present representing various cultures history of the Anunnaki and later compared to Grey Aliens:

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